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StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance Overview

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Published: October 10, 2017

Value Proposition

StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance has been designed for organizations and startups that use Linux-based environments. Regarding the growing portion of Linux users, we have designed StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA). It is a Linux-based virtual machine supplied with fully pre-configured StarWind Virtual SAN. StarWind VSA supports all industry-standard hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer and KVM, making the solution compatible with any infrastructure. Thus, StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance becomes a perfect solution for companies with Linuxbased infrastructure who are willing to get the most of StarWind Virtual SAN without purchasing Windows license when it is not really required.

StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance Overview
StarWind Virtual SAN deploys from a pre-configured VM appliance


Unlike other storage virtualization solutions that require a Windows “launchpad”, StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance can be deployed in literally any environment without the need in Windows licensing. Furthermore, the solution easily injects into the existing system without a need to redeploy it, thus, saving time and efforts of the IT team and eliminating vendor lock-in. StarWind VSA includes Web Management Console allowing to configure the infrastructure using any web browser. Additionally, the solution comes with vSphere plugin, thereby adding the other way to control and monitor the StarWind-based storage infrastructure with VMware management resources.



Being a Linux-based virtual machine, StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance eliminates the need in Microsoft licensing when it is not really required. Furthermore, it does well with commodity hardware, thereby, reducing the associated expenses.

Remarkable Performance

StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance is an intermediate that brings to Linux-powered environments the main advantages of StarWind Virtual SAN: server-side caching, and optimal I/O path. As a result, VSA performs with negligible IOPS penalties. Furthermore, the product supports iSER that enables to build the fastest iSCSI storage.


StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance is supplied as an already configured StarWind Virtual SAN which can be used right “from the box”. This approach excludes any possible misconfiguration issues and requires minimum time and efforts from IT staff.