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StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance: Overview

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Published: June 20, 2018

Value proposition

For VMware vSphere users looking to easily deploy a hardware-agnostic SDS solution with a truly minimalistic node setup, StarWind offers the Linux-based Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA). No need to conform with strict hardware compatibility lists when building an IT infrastructure since StarWind VSA is completely hardware-agnostic. Spend minimum time on the deployment process – StarWind VSA goes as a virtual machine with StarWind Virtual SAN. Build a highly available VMware vSphere cluster with a minimum configuration of two nodes – no external witness node required. And finally, save costs on Windows licensing since StarWind VSA is a Linux-based solution.

StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance: Overview

StarWind Virtual SAN deploys from a pre-configured VM appliance


Typical Software-Defined Storage solutions significantly limit flexibility, when it comes to deploying VMware vSphere environments, as they are compatible only with a specific hardware. Moreover, the deployment process is often complicate as such solutions require special knowledge from the on-site IT team. Finally, common shared storage solutions feature a large hardware footprint requiring an external witness node just to build a 2-node highly available vSphere cluster.

On the contrary, StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance provides VMware vSphere users with broad choice of hardware components being fully hardware-agnostic. It gets deployed in a matter of minutes since goes as a VM with StarWind VSAN already installed and configured. And to top that off, StarWind VSA features truly minimalistic hardware footprint since there is no need in an external witness node to deploy a 2-node highly available VMware vSphere cluster.


Unrestricted hardware choice

With StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance, VMware users are no longer limited with strict hardware compatibility lists when willing to deploy a shared storage solution. StarWind VSA is completely hardware agnostic, allowing to choose the hardware that perfectly fits the requirements when building VMware vSphere environments.


StarWind VSA ensures that the on-site IT team spends minimum time and efforts on the deployment process. The solution comes as a Linux-based virtual machine with StarWind Virtual SAN already installed and configured, requiring no special skills from the system administrator.

Minimum hardware footprint

StarWind VSA requires just two nodes to build a highly available VMware vSphere cluster since there is no need to add external witness node. As the result, the IT infrastructure hardware footprint is kept as the lowest possible level.

Cost efficiency

StarWind VSA significantly cuts down CAPEX for VMware vSphere users looking for a virtual shared storage solution. Being a Linux-based solution, StarWind VSA allows VMware vSphere users to get a highly available virtual shared storage with StarWind Virtual SAN without having to purchase a Windows license when it’s unnecessary.