StarWind Virtual SAN helped Weidner Apartment Homes virtualize their IT environment and simplify its management without breaking the bank

Published: April 11, 2018

Everything works great with all requirements satisfied. Technical support is very responsive and knowledgeable.

Tyler Funk, Senior IT Systems Engineer


Prior to StarWind, company’s IT environment was built on physical non-virtualized servers.

Managing infrastructure like that was pretty annoying and could not provide enough storage space for hypervisors.

A full-blown SAN could not satisfy their needs within the available budget.

That actually is what pushed Weidner Apartment Homes to virtualize their IT environment and add some extra storage for hypervisors. Being limited in budget, the company reviewed virtual-SAN solutions.


After looking through the market, Weidner has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN.

First, StarWind has significant experience in virtualization. In fact, StarWind Virtual SAN exists longer than other reviewed by the company solutions. Thus, its support team is mature and knowledgeable.

Second, StarWind Virtual SAN does well with three hypervisors. Other solutions were more expensive and required Weidner to change company’s initial architecture. StarWind Virtual SAN, in its turn, granted three hypervisors running smoothly without changing the existing environment.

About the Company

Weidner is a property management company that owns numerous apartment homes across the United States and Canada. The company offers for rent convenient and attractive apartments and suits capable of meeting any customers’ demands.


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Tyler Funk, Senior IT Systems Engineer