StarWind Virtual SAN: Configure your virtual storage according to your requirements

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Oles Borys, Director of Support Department, StarWind

Duration: 26:41

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: August 15th, 2016

Key points of the webinar:

  • Recommendations for StarWind VSAN configuration
  • Main RAIDs use cases for configuring your virtual storage according to your requirements

Want to know how to configure your virtual storage up to your particular needs and requirements? We’ve got some new tricks for that outlined in our tap room meeting. In this session we also discuss RAIDs and their main use cases. We know just the pain in the neck the admins experience when trying to deploy a software-defined storage solution. Complexity, hardware and software lock-in, related costly licensing – and that’s just briefly. StarWind Virtual SAN is extremely easily deployed and has less requirements as compared to similar solutions. In general, it demands less hardware and accepts commodity components, which you can buy in any PC store. Also, it works with many hypervisors.

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