StarWind Virtual SAN allowed the firm to build an HA clustered environment for mission-critical applications without employing any SANs or switches

Published: April 18, 2018

StarWind support is VERY knowledgeable and helpful. Fast response and setup was a breeze.

Jeffrey Bowers, company’s representative


Before StarWind Virtual SAN deployment, Air Innovation’s IT ecosystem consisted of a single host with 2 VMs running on it.

Infrastructure like this could not deliver data high availability.

In order to resolve this issue within strict budget limitations, the company required a solution capable of creating an HA clustered environment with Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors without any additional storage solutions employed.


After testing StarWind Virtual SAN trial version, Air Innovations deployed its full version.

StarWind Virtual SAN delivered data high availability without having any additional storage solutions employed. This enabled the company to not only keep its initial infrastructure but also streamline the existing hardware utilization. Furthermore, StarWind Virtual SAN, due to being thoroughly supported, has made company’s IT department life easier.

Additionally, Air Innovations notes StarWind’s comprehensive whitepapers and guides which provided their IT team with sufficient information on various Virtual SAN applications.

About the Company

Air Innovations LLC is an intensively growing firm from Houston, Texas. For more than 12 years, the company provides high-quality installation and maintenance of versatile air conditioning equipment.


Residential  New Construction Air Conditioning Installation

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Jeffrey Bowers, a company’s representative



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