DAZN Group saves over 30,000 euros on its IT operational expenses by deploying a high availability (HA) cluster powered by StarWind vSAN

Published: September 1st, 2022

Our VMware vSphere cluster provided by StarWind vSAN has been
working like charm since day 1 and prevented downtime during node
maintenance and failover.

Pierre Lebrun, DevOps Engineer


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) deployment, DAZN Group had a non-redundant VMware vSphere single host. The company was looking for a virtualized shared storage solution to ensure redundancy. Licensing costs of VMware vSAN were judged prohibitive, so DAZN Group opted for a robust and customizable alternative from StarWind.


DAZN Group has chosen StarWind vSAN because of its clinking good price-performance ratio. StarWind vSAN provided a software-based abstraction layer over the company’s node storage and made its cluster highly available (HA). Turning to StarWind, DAZN Group ensured the needed redundancy and saved over 30,000 euros of its IT money budget.

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DAZN is a global sports subscription video streaming service.

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Pierre Lebrun, DevOps Engineer