Reseaunance Success Story

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 15th, 2012

With the StarWind solution, Reseaunance obtained reliable SAN with advanced features. The StarWind storage solution offered security for our data. It can be scaled according to the company’s storage needs with promised zero downtime and fast disaster recovery.
…Data deduplication technology was exactly the thing we required, because it permits us to store a large amount of data without extending our existing storage.

Peter Tkatchenko, Director of Information Technology Department


Reseaunance’s IT infrastructure includes a wide variety of servers, amongst them SQL server database, DNS and email servers, ESX hosts, etc. The current production environment required a reliable, scalable shared storage system. The core activities of the company center around the test lab which needs fast deployment for many of the various servers and applications of different nature.

As the business grew, an increasing data stream of an already huge database meant that the storage requirement was growing exponentially. In turn, this demanded a dramatic requirement for physical space increase and an investment which was beginning to be unsustainable.

Peter Tkatchenko needed to ensure business continuity of Reseaunance but still be able to satisfy the test lab needs. In addition, Peter Tkatchenko needed to create a disaster recovery strategy. Whichever solution was adopted and deployed needed to be really reliable so that Reseaunance could propose the same solution to its clients who have the same problems and needs.

Peter Tkatchenko knew that not only did he require a reliable solution for building a shared storage, but also that the solution must be able to provide a specialized technology which can eliminate redundant data and optimize storage space. Thus, it was necessary to find the reliable storage solution that offered advanced features, eliminated redundant data, and also which could be purchased at an affordable price.


StarWind Virtual SAN solution met the requirements of Reseaunance in terms of reliability, scalability, and affordability. The StarWind Virtual SAN solution made it easy and fast to turn the existing servers into shared storage. In addition, Reseaunance can continue to use its existing network infrastructure so there is no need to make additional investments for new network hardware.

Peter Tkatchenko says: ” With the StarWind solution, Reseaunance obtains reliable SAN with advanced features. The resulting storage offers security for our data and can be scaled according to the company’s needs.”

StarWind Data Deduplication technology was especially useful for Reseaunance. With this technology, the company eliminated its redundant data thus substantially reducing the storage disk space, overall storage requirements, and costs for data storage. Peter Tkatchenko said: “There is a huge stream of data in our company and much of this data is not unique since it is repeated from day to day but still must be stored. Data deduplication technology was exactly what we require, because it permits us to store only unique data fragments which eliminates duplicate data that we already have in our storage. With the StarWind solution we have regained about 50 per cent of our storage volume so we are really confident of its capabilities and will begin to deploy StarWind Virtual SAN in our client’s networks.”

It is worth mentioning that Reseaunance IT team was very satisfied with the level of support StarWind company provided. Peter Tkatchenko noted that the StarWind support team was always available, always ready to help and answer any questions from the Reseaunance IT staff. This complete support was available from the decision making phase to purchase and through to the deployment stage right up to the final stages of performance tuning.


Since having deployed StarWind Virtual SAN, the company obtained a reliable shared storage. The StarWind solution was affordable and provided enterprise-level functionality, including data redundancies, thin provisioning, CDP&Snapshots, replication and mirroring.

About the Company

Reseaunance is an active, thriving company located in Limonest, France. The company’s goal is to assist its clients in new functional areas and to ensure project maintenance. Reseaunance provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to, hardware platforms, NAS and SAN infrastructure, centralized data backup systems, virtualization systems, and network security/infrastructure. Peter Tkatchenko, Director of Information Technology Department at Reseaunance, realized that the ability to keep data safe and accessible is paramount to the growth, development and success of the company.


Audits, consulting, education, maintenance, methodologies and quality assurance in the IT field.


The IT environment of the company includes a wide variety of servers, among them SQL server database, data monitoring application servers, DNS, email servers, remote desktop servers, and others.

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