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Rank Group PLC Upgrades Its Retail to Highly Available Levels Without Buying New Hardware — StarWind VSAN

Published: December 10, 2019

StarWind technology provides a highly available storage cluster with minimal server requirements. We were really pleased with the engagement process, support during and after migration, and being a part of successful solution delivery.

Craig Prosser, Head of IT Infrastructure


Having a portfolio of over 130 venues, Rank Group’s retail operations relies on high speed, secure transfers of large data volumes 24/7. Before StarWind, all the processes had to be served by an IT infrastructure consisting of physical servers, racks, equipment, and a virtualized environment. VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) was retired by the vendor and VMware vSAN wasn’t an option because of having to upgrade the hardware. A solution needed to be found to provide a high-speed, fault-tolerant, large data handling capability with the ability to scale whenever and wherever necessary.


When the time came to find a new failover solution for the retail venues, Rank Group knew where to look for it since the company was already using the StarWind solutions in their corporate locations. StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) is hardware-agnostic, which meant that Rank Group’s main concern — spending IT budget on more physical servers and upgrading hardware — got eliminated. Not only that, the company evaded the fate of increasing its hardware footprint in retail locations too, because it didn’t have to buy large racks to be situated in, sometimes, space-constrained comms rooms. Additionally, StarWind VSAN can be deployed and integrated into any IT infrastructure. Thanks to Log-structured Write-Back Cache, “mirroring,” StarWind iSER, and Data Locality, Rank Group’s IT infrastructure achieved constant uptime, maximum bandwidth, and fault tolerance for its retail server estate without the cost of extra hardware.

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Rank Group is a leading operator of bingo clubs and casinos in Great Britain. Rank Group has been entertaining Britain since 1937, from its origins in motion pictures to today’s gaming-based entertainment brands.

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Craig Prosser,
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