Oerlikon Fairfield rose VM migration rate and infrastructure performance with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: March 16, 2018

It is very cost-effective, and the feature-set meets the demands of our infrastructure at the moment.

Kyle Aschenberg, a company representative


Before StarWind Virtual SAN implementation, OERLIKON Fairfield had its IT infrastructure comprised of local VMware datastores. Such environment could not provide quick virtual machines’ migration and required performance. The company was looking for a cost-efficient solution capable of intensifying VM migration and the overall infrastructure performance.


OERLIKON Fairfield chose StarWind Virtual SAN because the solution met all their requirements without breaking their budget. Apart from ensuring fast VM migration, the product enhanced VMs’ performance and reliability by enabling flash-cache and storage replication among ESX hosts.

In this way, StarWind Virtual SAN, allowed Fairfield to achieve the desired performance using its existing hardware.

About the Company

OERLIKON Fairfield is an American company that specializes in custom machining, gear manufacturing, and gear assemblies. OERLIKON Fairfield is a branch of Oerlikon AG, an international company with manufacturing facilities in 36 countries. Fairfield itself is an American company with the hundred-year experience in manufacturing gear and custom machining.


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Contact Person

Kyle Aschenberg, a company representative