Netcore gets high performance with StarWind Virtual SAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: July 21st, 2016

The deployment provided increased performance with reduced costs and the same ease of management. We used to focus on stability and now we will give full attention to. We will definitely consider StarWind for future deployments, especially because of low hardware requirements and flexible configuration.

Guglielmo Mengora, Founder and CEO of Netcore

VaiSulWeb (Netcore IT services department) was founded 2003, specializing in Microsoft platforms and Microsoft-based software and services. We provide services and solutions on Windows Server platform, including Web Hosting services, IaaS, PaaS and DRaaS solutions. We are also active in development on our own platforms for selected customers.


The move toward software-defined infrastructures pushed us to try to achieve hyper-convergence in order to both simplify management and save on costs. Savings can be invested into new features. Our goal is to move to a fully software-defined infrastructure and be independent from hardware vendors and their proprietary Hardware+Software solutions in order to be able to exploit our partnership with datacenters around the world so we can catch any chance of innovation.

We are running many virtualization clusters, most of them based on Windows Server 2012 R2 in different datacenters and different regions and were considering Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) to achieve hyper-convergence. However, it forces you to deploy bigger clusters and it carries quite strict hardware requirements, including very high memory requirements.


StarWind Virtual SAN allows us to start from only two nodes without affecting resiliency and provides very good performance. It is also very easy to deploy and, above all, it is proven technology, quite flexible in its requirements. StarWind VSAN requires high memory amounts only when using LSFS, its option to use flat files allows a simpler deployment while still being effective. Moreover, management and DR tasks are easier when using StarWind Virtual SAN.

We have been able to consolidate clusters into smaller hyper-converged deployments, reducing hardware costs while not having to ditch resiliency and performance. The savings that we achieved in hardware sometimes allowed us to introduce new features like storage replication across nodes instead of single file servers secured by backups only.

About the Company

VaiSulWeb meets the needs of high-tech services and innovation of companies and professionals throughout Italy thanks to the quality of its products. VaiSulWeb is a division of Netcore. Netcore is a technology and innovation company that aims to make the latest solutions available to companies and professionals in Italy and worldwide. Founded in 1999 as a supplier of services for the Calabrian market, since 2001 it has expanded its operation throughout Italy and started an Internet services division with VaiSulWeb trademark. Since then, VaiSulWeb grew rapidly, acquiring hundreds of customers and dealers throughout Italy and becoming known for its high quality and innovation of services offered, particularly in the context of hosting services on Windows Server.


IT / Web hosting

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Guglielmo Mengora, Founder and CEO of Netcore


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