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MUM Industries has removed performance bottlenecks in a cost-efficient way with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: May 16, 2018

StarWind was my first choice and ended up being my last choice. I have zero regrets.

Bryan Schuler, Network Administrator


The company was running a virtualized VMware vCenter cluster comprised of 2 hosts and a SAN.
However, MUM Industries has so IOPS-hungry ERP system that the described infrastructure could not deliver the required performance, especially at the month-end. The existing all-HDD SAN was considered a weak point in company’s IT environment.
In order to solve the problem, MUM Industries wanted to build another SAN or move the environment onto an all-flash array. Yet, both these solutions were considered an overkill for company’s needs and could break MUM’s budget. That’s actually why the company was looking for a virtual SAN solution.


StarWind Virtual SAN was chosen for StarWind’s reputation and solution’s minimalistic hardware footprint and cost efficiency.
Unlike other dedicated solutions that require 3 physical nodes, StarWind Virtual SAN does well even with 2 hosts. Also, the solution is talked highly about by many IT professionals on Spiceworks.
MUM Industries also notes solution’s cost-efficiency. Indeed, StarWind Virtual SAN deployment together with significant hardware upgrade turned out to be less expensive than buying and licensing an additional host. Additionally, the company achieved data high availability. Thanks to mirroring data between hosts, StarWind Virtual SAN enables to have the production running even with one host down for maintenance.

About the Company

Founded in 1996, MUM Industries manufactures electrical enclosures and industrial double-diaphragm pumps. In order to deliver the best quality/cost ratio for its customer, the company combines in-house manufacturing capabilities with outsource suppliers and close cooperation with sister companies in the USA.


Industrial manufacturing

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Brian Schuler, Network Administrator