Microsoft Hyper-V: 4 Things You Should Know to Ensure Storage HA and Security

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Alexander Karavanov, Virtualization Security Engineer, 5nine Software
Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

Duration: 58:03

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 3rd, 2015

Key points of the webinar:

  • Importance of HA protected Hyper-V infrastructure
  • Ways to secure and protect stored data and simplify network administration
  • How to increase storage HA and secure storage for Hyper-V

Data protection, storage security and 24/7 operations are minimum requirements for every IT infrastructure. Virtualization offers many benefits, but it makes these three items absolutely crucial for business continuity. All Hyper-V administrators must deliver storage high availability (HA), properly secure the virtual environment and have redundant disaster recovery plans in place.

5nine Cloud Security, 5nine Manager and StarWind Virtual SAN can help you:

  • Secure and protect stored data
  • Simplify network administration
  • Increase storage HA
  • Reduce expenses
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