Learn how SkoleIT made schools a better place to study with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: March 9, 2018

StarWind Virtual SAN makes it easier to host virtual machines.

Martin Andersen, co-founder and manager


The company was looking for a solution capable of handling a great amount of data at a moderate price and without bringing unnecessary complexity and vendor lock-in to their storage ecosystem. SkoleIT intended to build an all-flash storage system that could be easily managed by a school within their budgets.


StarWind Virtual SAN allows SkoleIT to use standard components without any hardware vendor lock-in. The solution enables to reach higher performance, compared to traditional SAN systems. Apart from that, StarWind Virtual SAN ensures decent safety and stability for their customers. The solution allowed the company to keep track of their data and maintain their environment easily.

About the Company

SkoleIT supplies IT-related services for schools. The company focusses on educational platforms, infrastructure, and terminal server solutions.
SkoleIT is a company working with 90 schools and more than 15000 users. It is based on a holistic approach to needs of IT in teaching, communication and coordination, as well as in school administration. The company values dynamic
interaction with schools and focuses on infrastructure, educational platforms, and terminal server solutions.



Contact Person

Martin Andersen, co-founder and manager