EC2 IT enjoys benefits of a reliable inexpensive virtual shared storage with StarWind Virtual SAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: February 9th, 2017

We are happy with the way StarWind is performing and it currently meets all our requirements. We would not hesitate in recommending StarWind to our clients.

Adam Gill, Network Systems Manager, EC2 IT


EC2 IT provides IT service and support to SMEs in the areas of cloud services, networking, communications, printing as well as continuity, backup and security. They provide an ultra-responsive and professional service to City of London based organisations of up to 250 staff. The company gives attention to clear charging structure, reasonable monthly minimum commitments as well as the low rates and flexible terms.


The company’s primary infrastructure included several virtual and physical servers, with VMware and virtual machines stored locally. They took interest in trying benefits shared storage would bring to the virtualized environment, but were withheld with high expense necessary to purchase, manage and maintain a SAN as well as a risk of a single point of failure, which a storage array might present.

EC2 IT decided on a virtual SAN with high availability. They considered one of the products present on the market, but it appeared to be too expensive requiring three ESXi servers.


After further research, EC2 IT came across StarWind, which has many positive reviews online. StarWind appeared to meet all the company’s requirements. Besides, they found it appealing, that StarWind offers a fully functioning free version available, rather than a short-term trial. They considered reasonable the products pricing provided by the sales team.

Once installed and configured, StarWind Virtual SAN has shown a very good performance. EC2 IT is now able to take advantage of features like live migration and high availability in VMware, which they couldn’t do when virtual machines were on local storage. The company used the free version of StarWind VSAN for a few months. After it has proven to meet all their requirements, they invested in the paid StarWind Virtual SAN Standard version, which they have been reliably using ever since. StarWind support have been very helpful and assisted in implementing a number of configuration changes that would improve performance.

About the Company

Formed in 2006 and based centrally in the City of London, EC2 IT provides a comprehensive range of IT support services to small and medium sized companies.


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Adam Gill, Network Systems Manager


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