Disability Rights Texas cut down their IT-related expenses and streamlined storage infrastructure with StarWind Virtual SAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 2nd, 2018

It was very easy to get started with StarWind and get our SAN setup quickly. Support was responsive and the documentation they provided was helpful.

Carlton Whitmore, IT Manager


The organization runs most of its production servers in the cloud, using a Hyper-V environment on premises as a fall-back point. Before, the agency used an expensive SAN provider for Hyper-V clustered storage making the IT environment less cost-efficient.


StarWind Virtual SAN made the company’s IT environment more cost-efficient, providing the required monitoring tools, incapable of being achieved by an alternative reviewed solution.
StarWind’s software runs on two Hyper-V hosts in a hyperconverged setup. Such environment saves Disability Rights Texas some space and money since there is no need to maintain separate servers for SANs.

About the Company

Disability Rights Texas is a non-profit agency advocating for the rights of people with disabilities in Texas.

Disability Rights Texas is a non-profit agency that was formed in 1977 as a federal mandate to advocate for rights of people with disabilities in Texas. So far, the organization has eight locations across the state.


Non-Profit Advocacy Group


Person Carlton Whitmore, IT Manager

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