Astral Brands ensures 24/7 business operations by deploying a StarWind vSAN-based high availability cluster

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: January 12th, 2023

Thanks to StarWind vSAN, we can now share storage across all our hosts in Center.
For the money, your StarWind’s solution is the best option out there.

Jason C., Director of IT


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) deployment, Astral Brands had Direct Attached Storage (DAS) with VMware ESXi on top. The main problem was that DAS did not work with multiple ESXi hosts, so the company needed a virtual shared storage solution.


Astral Brands chose StarWind vSAN because of its ease of use and powerful technical features. Using StarWind vSAN, a high availability cluster was deployed, so now all the company’s hosts can access the storage pool that was created. Besides, the company can move around virtual machines (VMs) across all servers. The current IT infrastructure powered by StarWind vSAN runs like clockwork and fully satisfies all the requirements.

Astral Health & Beauty | StarWind

About the Company

Astral Brands is an Atlanta-based skincare and cosmetics company that is sold worldwide through many different retailers. It is the parent company of 4 different brands, namely PÜR, Aloette, COSMEDIX, and butter LONDON.

Company Profile

Personal Care Product Manufacturing

Contact Person

Jason C., Director of IT

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