Baker Tilly Ukraine Case Study

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: April 21st, 2010

Baker Tilly Ukraine was really impressed by StarWind from pricing, performance and ease-of-use perspectives. It was unequivocally the best choice of the six products that we evaluated.

Dmitry Hmelevskoy


When in 2007 the company became an independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s eighth largest accountancy and business advisory firm, Baker Tilly Ukraine needed to substantially upgrade its Windows server complement which had been running with network-attached storage devices. It decided to implement a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual server network. To optimize its performance, the company was determined to purchase a virtual storage area network (SAN), but it operated under strict budget restrictions. As Head of the IT Department Dmitry Hmelevskoy researched his options over Windows forums on the Web, where he found information on a StarWind Software solution and decided to investigate.


Unlike other solutions he considered, Hmelevskoy was impressed by StarWind Virtual SAN from pricing, performance and ease-of-use perspectives. The company uses custom-constructed servers and was particularly intrigued with StarWind’s claims of performance resiliency. He was able to quickly prove them accurate and constructed two 1GvE LANs to separately support the company’s production and storage servers. This would ensure that a failure on one network would not bring down the other. The StarWind installation was “quick and easy,” according to Hmelevskoy. StarWind’s intuitive interface simplified building the Hyper-V storage servers, supporting a typical start-to-finish timeframe of little more than a half hour.

The firm found that while StarWind makes it easy to bring up a Hyper-V environment, it gives up nothing to the competition in either functionality or features. StarWind delivers a full-featured shared storage environment with its enterprise-class features. Virtually any available operator can recover from a failure using a highly intuitive interface: it takes only minutes to return to full operation in the event of a storage server failure, and it requires minimal training to operate and support.


As the organization grows, StarWind’s essentially unlimited scalability will serve it well, allowing for the lowest-possible cost expansion to support its developing customer base.

About the company

When Ukrainian business groups need financial auditing services – including projects that are connected with companies’ transactions in international financial markets; consolidation and transformation of financial statements into international and American reporting standards; or developing cooperative agreements with international financial institutions – they go to Baker Tilly Ukraine, a major accountancy and business advisory firm based in Kiev.


Financial accountancy and business advisory


Custom-built Windows server mix over Ethernet

Business Benefits

• Rapid installation
• Simplicity of operation
• Low cost

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