Announcing new Linux-based StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance

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Bogdan Savchenko, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Duration: 54:25

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: January 17th, 2017

Key points of the webinar:

  • StarWind Linux VSA at its core: capabilities and features
  • Linux-based StarWind VSA in operation. Live demo

Try new Linux-based version of Virtual Storage Appliance to test StarWind Virtual SAN functionality without disrupting your whole virtualization infrastructure.

Shared storage deployment can be quite a challenge for a virtualization project. But it is a must if you want to unleash the full potential. The challenge becomes even bigger when it goes about POC. Even a software-defined storage needs hardware to run on top of it, and hardware is what POC usually cannot afford. Even if they do have this hardware, it is dedicated, so the IT team is typically not experienced and trained enough to configure and maintain it. Employing a specialist to serve just this piece of hardware is inconvenient and expensive.

With this in mind, StarWind developed a special version of StarWind Virtual SAN, which can be installed on existing hardware shared with hypervisor automatically and requires neither manual adjustments, nor specialized knowledge from the IT team. It is possible to deploy it quickly from a pre-configured VMware or Hyper-V compatible VM appliance. This version is testing-ready, but since it is VM-based, in order to clearly evaluate the performance, some adjustments have to be done by StarWind engineers.

Soon comes the Linux-based version of StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance. It is as simple as ABC for Linux administrator to get it running in a flash, no special skills or knowledge is required. You can use any hypervisor upon your preference – Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Xen or KVM – Virtual Storage Appliance is good with any. It will be deployed from a pre-configured VMware or Hyper-V Virtual Machine and will work automatically, allowing you to test the capabilities of StarWind VSAN immediately and with no interference into your whole virtualization infrastructure operation.

Watch the Tap Room record, where our Solutions Engineer Bogdan Savchenko tells about the benefits of the Linux-based StarWind VSA, which is coming soon.

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