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  • Network interface tuning, iSCSI and Synchronization channels in StarWind VSAN

Network interface tuning, iSCSI and Synchronization channels in StarWind VSAN

Published: July 2016
Duration: 21:46
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Key points of the webinar

  • Step-by-step configuration of iSCSI and Synchronization channels in StarWind Virtual SAN
  • Jumbo Frames configuration instructions


You don't want your whole infrastructure dead before it is even deployed, right? This nuisance may happen if you don't configure the network properly, and it will surely cost you precious time. Watch the record of the session and see how to configure and tune essential network interfaces dedicated to StarWind Virtual SAN software. This is something you would definitely want to know, since your virtualized infrastructure depends on the speed and quality of above mentioned connections as your precious data runs through those. Learn more about iSCSI and Synchronization channels configuration during this next Tap Room meeting. We will also look into Jumbo Frames configuration as well as its necessity for any StarWind VSAN implementation, so it's going to be interesting.

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