Achieve Complete Fault-Tolerance in your Hyper-V Environment with StarWind Virtual SAN

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Oles Borys, Sr. Solution Engineer, StarWind Software Inc.

Duration: 49:35

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: January 14th, 2016

Key points of the webinar:

  • Step-by-step configuration of StarWind Virtual SAN for Hyper-V
  • Live demo: how to fight possible failures in Hyper-V environment

Hyper-V environment can be affected by cluster node failures. As a result, your virtual machines will stop working, downtime occurs and business continuity disrupts if nothing is done to prevent it. StarWind has a way to avoid such troubles and we’re ready to share it. Watch the record of our Tap Room Meeting and learn how to withstand failures in your Hyper-V environment with StarWind Virtual SAN and how to recover if total disaster happened.