Columb Technologies S.A. achieves 24/7 business operations by deploying a StarWind vSAN-based high availability (HA) cluster

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 9th, 2023

Our IT infrastructure powered by StarWind vSAN is great, fast, and stable.



Before StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) deployment, Columb Technologies S.A. was facing several challenges with its IT infrastructure. The company had a traditional SAN-based storage system, which was expensive to maintain, difficult to scale, and caused frequent downtime. In addition, the company’s data center was rapidly running out of space, making it impossible to add more hardware to support the growing demand for storage. As Columb Technologies S.A. had limitations on its IT budget, solutions like Storage Spaces Direct didn’t suit the company due to high-cost license requirements.


To address these challenges, Columb Technologies S.A. turned to StarWind vSAN, a software-defined storage solution that eliminates the need for expensive SAN hardware. With StarWind vSAN, the company was able to use its existing hardware and create an HA storage cluster. The solution was designed to be scalable, so the company could add storage as needed without worrying about hardware constraints. The company was able to reduce its storage costs significantly by eliminating the need for expensive SAN hardware. Overall, the implementation of StarWind vSAN has greatly improved the IT infrastructure of Columb Technologies S.A. The company was able to reduce its storage costs, increase reliability, and improve scalability. With the solution’s high availability and resiliency, the company’s IT staff can now focus on other critical tasks, knowing that its data is always safe and accessible.

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Columb Technologies S.A. is a Polish IT services and IT consulting company that provides a SaaS product for small and medium companies to work with invoices and other documents and collaborate with their accounting offices.


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