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New StarWind Virtual SAN Free – All restrictions removed!

30 March, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Host: Alex Bykovskyi, Solutions Architect, StarWind

New StarWind Virtual SAN Free comes completely unrestricted delivering all the features you get in the commercial version. Unlike the previous free version, new VSAN Free delivers unlimited node count, features, and capacity served. It can now be used in any deployment scenario, be it Hyper-Converged, “Compute and Storage Separated”, or even a combination of both. Thanks to multiprotocol support, featuring iSCSI, SMB3, and NFS, including RDMA-capable iSER, NVMf, and SMB Direct, StarWind VSAN easily integrates into any infrastructure, be it virtualized or not. In addition, support for VVOLs, SCVMM, and ready-to-use PowerShell scripts help users to speed up and simplify automated deployment, management, and monitoring of their Virtual SAN infrastructure.

Join our Live Demo to learn how to build a completely free multi-node hyper-converged environment with StarWind and your hypervisor of choice!

*Virtualize responsibly!

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