How to build Microsoft Scale-Out File Server without SAS JBODs

Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software
Published: December 2014
Duration: 48:59
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Key points of the webinar

  • The idea of simplifying storage for Hyper-V
  • SMB 3.0 as Microsoft’s future primary network storage protocol
  • Scale-Out File Server general overview
  • SoFS Cluster hardware requirements
  • Scaling down SoFS cluster hardware requirements


Microsoft Scale-Out File Server is a new efficient storage solution for Hyper-V and SQL. SoFS uses SMB 3.0 to eliminate all the complexity of traditional shared storage and leverages the clustering capabilities to maintain true storage high availability. While most of the vendors show how SoFS is configured with shared JBOD storage, we will show you how to configure it with just local storage and zero additional hardware.

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