EC2 IT enjoys benefits of a reliable inexpensive virtual shared storage with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: February 2017

EC2 IT is a London based company which provides a wide range of IT services and support including cloud services, networking, communications, as well as continuity, backup and security services. Its major clients are small and medium-sized companies and London-based organizations of up to 250 staff.

The company’s primary infrastructure included several virtual and physical servers, with VMware and virtual machines stored locally. Thus, EC2 IT was looking for a reliable and inexpensive shared storage solution to improve the virtualization infrastructure. While searching through the market the company faced the problem of high costs of purchasing, managing and maintaining a SAN as well as a risk of a single point of failure, which a storage array might present. Having decided on a virtual SAN with high availability they considered one of the products, but it appeared to be too expensive requiring three ESXi servers.

After further searching, EC2 IT got interested in StarWind. They were attracted by many positive online reviews about StarWind which appeared to meet all the company’s requirements. They decided to start with a fully functioning free version that was more appealing and convenient than a short-term trial. Once installed and configured, StarWind Virtual SAN has shown a high performance and brought new features like live migration and high availability in VMware, which EC2 IT couldn’t use when virtual machines were on local storage. The company tested the free version of StarWind Virtual SAN for a few months. They found the pricing provided by the sales team reasonable and decided to invest in the paid StarWind VSAN Standard version which they have been reliably using ever since. StarWind support also proved to be very helpful and assisted in implementing several configuration changes that improved the performance.

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