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Getting to understand your IT environment with Dell DPACK

25 May, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Host: Alex Bykovskyi, Solutions Architect, StarWind

Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit is a platform- and hardware-agnostic software provided free of charge allowing to evaluate the opportunities of the IT environment for virtualization. The tool estimates such core characteristics as disk IO, throughput, capacity and memory utilization and provides in-depth individual server report helping IT administrators to understand the environment and analyze existing bottlenecks or an aggregation of resource needs across disparate servers with a simulation of those workloads if consolidated to shared resources. Ultimately, Dell DPACK provides the needed information for mission critical IT decisions, be it moving to a shared platform or optimizing the current environment for further expansion.

Watch our Tap Room meeting to learn how to monitor and analyze your environment properly with Dell DPACK.

*Virtualize responsibly!

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