Posted by Paolo Valsecchi on July 14, 2020
Configure VMware Horizon 7 to access physical machines

The global lockdown has skyrocketed VDIs and remote client access through the roof. Ensuring that the remote working process is both performant and secure is key. Horizon 7 is one such tool, which relies on encrypted connections and different authentication protocols, assuring safe and controlled access to physical computers at the office.
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Posted by Romain Serre on July 9, 2020
Establish a Site-to-Site VPN between Azure and a Unifi Dream Machine Pro

Ubiquiti recently released its Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro), which is a multifaceted hardware platform. It executes various features, including firewall, switch, router, SDN, or camera management. Unifi Controller, a software, allows you to handle your Ubiquiti network and even establish a VPN with Azure for hybrid scenarios.

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Posted by Vladan Seget on July 7, 2020
How to configure VMware ESXi 7.0 dump collector service

If you are a VMware ESXi 7.0 user, you might bump into something called the Purple Screen of Death (PSOD). This happens when the VMkernel of your host experiences a critical error and terminates all running VMs. Dump Collector, a VSCA support tool, enables saving the VMkernel memory to a network server to recover it if needed.

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Posted by Nicolas Prigent on July 2, 2020
Azure Front Door Overview

Azure Front Door, a scalable and secure entry point for web applications and global HTTP(s) load balancer, has been available in GA over a year now. To that end, you can use the tool for multiple versatile scenarios. Use it, for instance, with Web/Mobile Apps, Cloud Services, and VMs – or combine it with on-prem services for hybrid deployments and smooth cloud migration.

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Posted by Florent Appointaire on June 30, 2020
Start with Azure Blueprints

Azure Blueprints has been available in preview for more than a year now, but not many people have gotten around to understand its use. It’s a neat tool for creating a “blueprint” of a repeatable set of Azure resources to organize environments quickly. Define your preferences so that routine resources management becomes easier.

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Posted by Romain Serre on June 25, 2020
Implement a DRP to Microsoft Azure from Windows Admin Center

Every contemporary organization should have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place to ensure data safety and business continuity. With the accessibility of present-day cloud services, luckily, setting up a valid DRP isn’t that complex or expensive. Azure offers one such service that’ll keep your apps and workloads running even during outages.

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Posted by Didier Van Hoye on June 23, 2020
A compact, high capacity, high throughput, and low latency backup target for Veeam Backup & Replication v10

Contemporary Enterprise-grade environments have all-out unstoppable demands. Apart from exceptional redundancy and uptime, such infrastructures need impeccable backup. It must be in a hardened, non-domain joined setup that’s independent of the fabrics and workloads it protects, abide by the 3-2-1 rule, and have a small footprint.

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Posted by Florent Appointaire on June 18, 2020
Create a Custom RBAC Role in Azure, From the Portal

If Azure’s built-in roles didn’t fit your needs perfectly but you still tried to adapt because you dreaded messing around in PowerShell to fix it, then this news is for you. Azure role-based access control (RBAC) can now be used directly from Azure Portal to assign your desired custom roles at subscription and resource group scopes.

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on June 16, 2020
VMware vSphere 7: 10 Reasons Why

As a flagship of industry, VMware knows better than anyone a simple recipe for staying on top. If you want to grow, you need to keep going. The latest release of VMware vSphere proves this well enough. So, let’s take a look under the hood what exactly this new VMware vSphere 7 has to offer!
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Posted by Florent Appointaire on June 11, 2020
Connect Your Home Infrastructure to Azure

Interconnecting multiple offices to the public cloud, e.g. Azure, can be somewhat problematic. You may need to maintain connectivity for your website, several applications, and other services Site to Site, all while having a dynamic public IP. Thanks to a number of Unifi apps, you can solve that issue and maintain stability.

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