Dmitriy Dolgiy
Dmitriy Dolgiy
Dmitriy Dolgiy is a graduate of the National Technical University of Ukraine's Institute of Applied System Analysis with solid experience in machine learning. Working as a storage consultant for a business network, he also works freelance.

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Posted by Dmitriy Dolgiy on September 12, 2023
Who’s got bigger balls? Testing NFS vs iSCSI performance. Part 1: configuring NFS

In the world of virtualization infrastructure, NFS and iSCSI are the contenders. NFS brings simplicity and scalability to the table, while iSCSI boasts performance and reliability. Which one suits your mission-critical applications? Let’s find out!

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Posted by Dmitriy Dolgiy on July 25, 2023
Creating a function in Windows PowerShell and saving it as a module

Every admin knows that maintaining all the local area networks within an IT environment manually is a major headache. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to remedy that by automating a number of functionalities, one of which is command-line shells.

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Posted by Dmitriy Dolgiy on July 4, 2023
Virtual Machine Storage – File vs Block [Part 2]: SMB vs iSCSI vs NVMe-oF in Hyper-V

The previous comparison of file and block VM storage focused specifically on the SMB, NFS, iSCSI, and NVMe-oF protocols. Now, it’s time to compare these storage types in the context of Microsoft’s Hyper-V environment!

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Posted by Dmitriy Dolgiy on June 8, 2023
Virtual Machine Storage – File vs Block [Part 1]: SMB & NFS vs iSCSI & NVMe-oF

Dive into the world of VM storage in Windows Server Hyper-V! Discover the differences between file and block storage protocols, and their impact on VM performance. From SMB3 and iSCSI to NVMe-oF, learn which protocol suits your needs best.

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Posted by Dmitriy Dolgiy on May 16, 2023
Where to keep your backups? Storage types explained

Managing an IT environment is impossible without a reliable backup and recovery plan that must include a robust storage option.

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Posted by Dmitriy Dolgiy on April 27, 2023
Windows Server 2022 Hyper-V VM Licensing

Software and feature licensing is often complex, requiring in-depth expertise to be licensed correctly and efficiently. Microsoft ecosystem is no exception.

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