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Alex Samoylenko
Virtualization technology professional. 10 years ago he built #1 website on virtualization in Russia. Alex runs his own virtualization-focused company VMC. He is a CEO of a mobile game publisher Nova Games and a CEO of an international dating site

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on August 6, 2020
Protecting Enterprise Workstations with VMware Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black is a next-gen cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP). This solution doesn’t only detect threats on the workstation level, analyze them in the cloud, and take action. It is a complex system for monitoring network connections and applications that exhibit abnormal activity, ensuring your desktop infrastructure security.

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on June 16, 2020
VMware vSphere 7: 10 Reasons Why

As a flagship of industry, VMware knows better than anyone a simple recipe for staying on top. If you want to grow, you need to keep going. The latest release of VMware vSphere proves this well enough. So, let’s take a look under the hood what exactly this new VMware vSphere 7 has to offer!
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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on April 30, 2020
VMware vSphere 7: What is off the table?

Generally, people like new things, especially when it comes to technology. But with the new vSphere 7 coming in, little to no focus is offered to what’s been discarded. For example, there is no more Flash-based vSphere Web Client, Platform Services Controller has been dropped, vCenter for Windows — canceled, and so on.

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on March 26, 2020
VMware vSAN Cluster Rebalancing: Automatic & Proactive

VMware vSAN clusters are typically aggregates of several ESXi hosts. Local disks with VM data are divided into groups there. It’s preferable that each disk’s load variance doesn’t reach 30%. If it does, there are two options: Automatic and Proactive rebalancing. Each of them has its own pros and cons; you decide which to choose.

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on February 12, 2020
An ESXi host shows as Not Responding in vCenter Server – Now what might be the problem?

Every admin knows that however perfect an environment may be, it’s bound to encounter certain problems along the way. One of the most confusing issues for a VMware vSphere admin is VMware ESXi hosts in vCenter Server being nor responding since there can be too many different reasons. Luckily, you have a chance now to find out the most common ones and means to deal with them!

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on January 9, 2020
Tanzu Mission Control: VMware’s Vision for Unified Environments for Containers and VMs

Just as VMware’s Project Pacific implies, the plans for the further submergence into the world of containerized applications for vSphere clusters intends to deepen. VMware Tanzu Mission Control is to allow admins to manage Kubernetes clusters regardless of their residential environment. The tool is rumored to become the single base of all K8s cluster operations.

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on November 19, 2019
VMware Project Pacific: VMs and containerized applications – best of both worlds

Security issues, unfortunately, remain a priority even today, because, obviously, there is no such thing as too much protection. In the case of the custom domains on your apps, the same rules apply. Luckily, there is a new security feature for Azure App Service released. App Service Managed Certificates will help you to secure your domains on Windows and Linux apps!

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on October 17, 2019
Infrastructure Hybridity and migration to cloud with VMware HCX Enterprise: How does it work?

Virtualization was always about making the most out of less. But corporations fighting over customers divided them into incompatible camps. Recently, though, the winds in the industry have changed. VMware just launched an application mobility platform that migrates and re-balances on-premises vSphere and non-vSphere (Hyper-V and KVM) infrastructures to public clouds based on VMware vCloud!

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on September 10, 2019
Testing storage and setting the workload pattern quickly with IOBlazer

Keeping your storage up to date is a necessary action one takes to ensure the efficiency of overall infrastructure performance. However, manual handling of such matters as testing storage or setting the workload pattern can be rather tedious to conduct. Or at least it was until the IOBlazer utility kicked in!

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Posted by Alex Samoylenko on July 18, 2019
Testing VMware vSAN cluster performance with HCIBench: How you do that?

It is not enough to build a functioning hyperconverged infrastructure because any IT environment needs to be constantly in check. Testing cluster performance is a necessity that requires the most serious approach. Hot news for VMware vSAN users is that they do not have to spend all that time and effort anymore since this efficient utility allows automating testing process carried out with such benchmark tools as VDbench or Fio.

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