Posted by Florent Appointaire on January 15, 2019
[Azure] Call an Azure Function webhook from an automated Flow and a SharePoint list

How to create a list in SharePoint, to start automatically our Azure Function, through the webhook, from SharePoint.

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Posted by Mikhail Rodionov on January 8, 2019
Installing SharePoint 2019

Installing SharePoint 2019 – Be ready to move to the cloud! In October 2018, SharePoint Server 2019 became available to the public. Compared to SharePoint 2016, the new release attempts to prepare the user for the hybrid route and move to the cloud. Do you need to design and build your SharePoint based solutions and infrastructures with the cloud in mind, even if you still install on-premise version?

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Posted by Oleg Pankevych on January 3, 2019
Wasabi + Veeam + StarWind: Don’t put your “backup” eggs in one basket

The golden rule for the safety of your data is as follows: always back up and distribute copies to different locations. However, the choice of backup environments can be accompanied by high-cost issues, security concerns, the risk of service interruption/termination, and so on. Storing your data in the cloud seems to be the most optimal solution. But even here you may encounter certain troubles such as the need to pay for all services, subscriptions, service plans, and configuration of a public cloud storage provider. Do you want to know about a backup storage solution that eliminates the drawbacks of costly backup processes and meets regulatory data archival and retention requirements?

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Posted by Romain Serre on December 6, 2018
Configure Azure Network Adapter from Windows Admin Center to connect Windows Server 2019 to Azure

Windows Server 2019 has been released a month ago with the latest release of Windows Admin Center. Both of them provide several Hybrid Cloud features such as Azure Network Adapter. It’s not a new feature because Azure Network Adapter is in fact a Point-to-Site VPN to Azure. However, thanks to Windows Admin Center, now we are able to provision the Azure gateway and create the VPN connection in one click (or two). When the Azure Network Adapter is created and connected, your On-Prem physical or virtual server is able to communicate with Azure instances connected to the Azure Virtual Network such as Azure VM.
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Posted by Michael Rakitin on November 23, 2018
Complete an infrastructure project for your organization with iSCSI SAN

Nowadays, it is obvious, that most organizations require an IT system to operate effectively. Even companies which are not related to IT need data storage that is continuously available, highly performed, and cheap. Thus, IT staff is challenged to build innovative, fast, modern and reliable IT systems that fit budget constraints and save some resources for future growth.

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Posted by Alex Bykovskyi on November 13, 2018
StarWind V2V Converter: Now with Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion option!

StarWind V2V Converter is a great tool intended to speed the process of hypervisor switch faster with minimum interaction of an IT administrator. In addition, with P2V functionality added, it is much easier to Virtualize your Physical environment.

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Posted by Alex Bykovskyi on October 25, 2018
StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere Linux Software RAID configuration

The present series of articles describes StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere edition. In the first article, I talked about what StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere is and how to set it up on the hardware RAID. StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere is not just a simple Windows VM but a ready-to-go Linux-based VM. Using StarWind VSAN for vSphere, the process of deploying VMs, providing storage, connecting it, and creating highly available VMs becomes as easy as ABC.

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Posted by Romain Serre on October 2, 2018
Deploy a virtual Kemp load-balancer appliance

Kemp provides a product called LoadMaster that provides a load balancer. Load Master is available in physical and virtual appliances. The virtual appliance is also called VLM (Virtual LoadMaster). LoadMaster can be deployed either in On-Prem and in Microsoft Azure. Today I wanted to show you how to deploy a VLM and the first configuration steps.

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Posted by Sergey Sanduliak on September 20, 2018
Take your backup infrastructure security and cost efficiency to the next level with StarWind Storage Gateway for Backblaze

This article describes StarWind Storage Gateway for Backblaze as a solution to make local backup applications operate seamlessly with a cloud object storage. This all-in-one solution combines the ability of a backup storage pool to offload the backup data to Backblaze B2 cloud storage, and immediately retrieve it – all at a bargain price.

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Posted by Nicolas Prigent on September 13, 2018
Creating Custom Hyper-V Gallery

In Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, Microsoft introduced a new feature called the “Hyper-V Quick Create Wizard” which is very useful because you can create a Virtual Machine with the default settings and save time. Using this feature, you can create a VM with a single ISO file located on your system, or you can create a VM from the Online Gallery. By default, Quick Create will list a Windows 10 Developer Environment but you can easily add your own Virtual Machine Images from your local/online repository.

In this article, I will describe how to use this feature and how to add a custom VM Image into your own Gallery.

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