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Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry for over 20+ years and has worked in various IT industries spanning education, manufacturing, hospitality, and consulting for different technology companies, including Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Brandon is a prolific blogger and contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation, primarily at

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Posted by Brandon Lee on May 23, 2023
PowerCLI 13.1 Released – New Features

VMware PowerCLI 13.1 has just been released, and it’s packed with incredible new features and enhancements that will revolutionize your vSphere environments. It’s a must-have tool for VMware admins and developers worldwide. And the best part? It’s free!

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Posted by Brandon Lee on April 20, 2023
What is Windows 365 Frontline

For quite some time, Microsoft 365 has contained an “F” plan for frontline workers. It includes many cost advantages for organizations with employees who fit into the description of a frontline worker. Microsoft recently announced that Windows 365 would have a comparable option for frontline workers. Let’s examine this new offering, its capabilities, and its features.
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Posted by Brandon Lee on March 21, 2023
Microsoft introduces Kata VM Isolated Containers on AKS for Pod Sandboxing

As organizations switch to containerized applications, attackers target such business-critical software more. Containers lack the isolation of virtual machines, creating a serious security risk. Microsoft released a new feature based on Kata project to effectively remedy that, thereby greatly boosting container cybersecurity.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on March 2, 2023
What is Universal Print

Working with a mix of new and old printing hardware in hybrid-cloud IT infrastructures can be complex and cumbersome. Microsoft Azure Universal Print allows organizations to bring existing print infrastructure into the cloud without a lot of heavy lifting.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on February 13, 2023
New SQL Server 2022 hybrid capabilities with Azure Arc

Microsoft is making strides in cloud-enabling on-premises IT infrastructure with the integration of Azure Arc advancements and multi-cloud capabilities into the latest SQL Server 2022 release. This offers organizations increased scalability, flexibility, and security for hybridizing their on-premises workloads.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on January 26, 2023
Feature Update Profiles and Expedited Quality Updates added to Intune

Updating your various Windows systems can be quite a chore. Microsoft knows that as well. Luckily, it added new features to its endpoint cloud-based management solution, Intune, which allows you to prioritize important security updates. It’s a great new addition that you can test out right now.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on January 17, 2023
Azure VMware Solution recent updates late 2022

During Microsoft Ignite 2022, the leading vendors announced many Azure features that align with the latest VMware vSphere updates. Mix and match both worlds to suit your business and technology needs.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on December 22, 2022
Azure Arc-enabled VMware vSphere

Azure Arc enables users to extend the functionality of Azure Resource Manager to on-premises environments (including VMware vSphere) or other clouds. It brings better visibility, control, and management. This is a great tool as managing hybrid or multi-cloud is daunting, as well as it can cause security compromises.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on December 13, 2022
Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) being a software as a service (SaaS) leads to organizations having multiple AKS clusters. Managing these diverse and multiple containerized environments is tricky and inefficient at this point in the game. Having a new management solution from Microsoft will surely help the process.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on November 22, 2022
New Windows Hello for Business Hybrid Cloud Kerberos Trust

Microsoft recently announced Windows Hello for Business Hybrid Cloud Kerberos Trust to help with the complexity of passwordless authentication. It is commonly thought passwords are the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity posture. While Azure has seen various aspects of passwordless authentication, Windows has been lacking.

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