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Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry for over 20+ years and has worked in various IT industries spanning education, manufacturing, hospitality, and consulting for different technology companies, including Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Brandon is a prolific blogger and contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation, primarily at

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Posted by Brandon Lee on September 14, 2023
Known Issue Rollback for Bad Windows Updates

Tired of those troublesome Windows Updates causing chaos at work? Learn about the “Known Issue Rollback” (KIR) feature, a lifesaver for IT admins dealing with bad updates.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on September 7, 2023
What is Windows 365 switch?

Ever wondered how to seamlessly transition between your local desktop and Cloud PC? Windows 365 Switch, now in public preview, brings a whole new level of convenience and efficiency to your computing experience.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on August 17, 2023
WSUS Import Updates New PowerShell Import Method

Microsoft’s Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) has been a key tool in managing updates across a network for quite some time. As keeping systems updated remains important, Microsoft created a new PowerShell import method that bypasses the issues with the Internet Explorer/Active-X combination.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on August 1, 2023
Hotpatching for Windows Server with Desktop Experience

Azure users, rejoice! Hotpatching for Windows Server with Desktop Experience is now here, ensuring smooth and seamless updates for your VMs on Microsoft Azure. No need to stop processes or reboot – it’s all about continuous efficiency.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on July 27, 2023
Microsoft Dev Box Now GA: New Features

Microsoft Dev Box, now GA, is an Azure service providing access to ready-to-code, project-specific dev boxes to enhance workflow and increase the agility of provisioning development workstations. Both developers and IT infrastructure admins can find it extremely useful.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on July 11, 2023
Windows Defender for Endpoint without Azure Arc with Direct Onboarding

Microsoft recently introduced the Direct Onboarding feature for Defender for Endpoint, which simplifies its usage by eliminating the need for Azure Arc. This feature is actually a big deal for hybrid environments, essential in today’s cloud-centric infrastructure.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on June 15, 2023
Windows 365 Boot

As demand grows, Microsoft engineers keep enhancing and developing their cloud solutions so that they fulfill the needs of the hybrid workforce. Windows 365 Boot is an enhancement to Windows 11 that allows users to log into their Windows 365 Cloud PC directly, bypassing Windows UI.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on June 6, 2023
Microsoft Azure Firewall – Unveiling the Latest Preview Features

Are you looking for robust and scalable cybersecurity solutions for your business? Look no further! Introducing Microsoft Azure Firewall, a game-changer in cloud-native network security. With its suite of advanced features and preview capabilities, Azure Firewall offers unparalleled threat protection and performance.

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Posted by Brandon Lee on May 23, 2023
PowerCLI 13.1 Released – New Features

VMware PowerCLI 13.1 has just been released, and it’s packed with incredible new features and enhancements that will revolutionize your vSphere environments. It’s a must-have tool for VMware admins and developers worldwide. And the best part? It’s free!

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Posted by Brandon Lee on April 20, 2023
What is Windows 365 Frontline

For quite some time, Microsoft 365 has contained an “F” plan for frontline workers. It includes many cost advantages for organizations with employees who fit into the description of a frontline worker. Microsoft recently announced that Windows 365 would have a comparable option for frontline workers. Let’s examine this new offering, its capabilities, and its features.
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