Posted by Jon Toigo on March 23, 2017
Data Management Moves to the Fore. Introduction

Data Management Moves to the Fore

To the extent that the trade press covers, meaningfully, the issues around digital information processing and technology, it tends to focus rather narrowly on the latter:  infrastructure.  The latest hardware innovation — the fastest processor, the slickest server, the most robust hyper-converged infrastructure appliance — tends to be the shiny new thing, hogging the coverage.

Occasionally, software gets a shot at the headlines:  hypervisors, containers, object storage systems, even APIs get their 10 minutes of fame from time to time.  But, even in these days of virtual servers and software-defined networks and storage, software is less entertaining than hardware and tends to get less coverage than tin and silicon.

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Posted by Oksana Zybinskaya on April 6, 2016
NetApp dropped the ball by letting EMC gobble Data Domain

According to IDC quarterly report, EMC’s Data Domain leads in the purpose-built backup appliance market.

Worldwide Quarterly Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Tracker for 2015’s fourth quarter shows the top five vendors’ revenue chart and puts EMC at the first line with about 68 percent share and $708m revenues.

The following positions are occupied by Symantec ($125.1m / 12%), IBM ($41.6m / 4%), HPE ($40.7m / 3.9%), Dell ($23.6m / 2.3%), and Others ($107m / 10%).

Top 5 backup appliance's Vendors

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