Ubuntu: Join a server to an Active Directory domain
Posted by Florent Appointaire on July 14, 2016
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Today, we will see how to join an Ubuntu server (version 16.04) to an Active Directory domain. It could be useful in case of you want that your administrators use their domain account to connect to servers, etc.


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How to Build a Secure PowerShell DSC Pull Server?
Posted by Charbel Nemnom on June 7, 2016
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Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a technology introduced by Microsoft in Windows PowerShell v4.0.

At the time of writing, we are at PowerShell v5.0. If you are new to PowerShell DSC, I highly encourage you to start investing and learning this awesome technology today.

DSC is a big topic and can get complex, you should first start learning the basics before you move into advanced scenarios. A good source of reading is on MSDN Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview. This will give you a good start, but there is plenty of great information out there around this topic.

Desired State Configuration can be configured to deliver configurations in two different methods; push and pull.

PowerShell DSCPullServer


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