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StarWind offers a revolutionary OEM solution for backup software vendors

StarWind Storage Deduplication for Backup is an OEM solution for backup software vendors, which reduces backups size and increases performance.

StarWind Data Deduplication Engine is a revolutionary invention specially developed for use in data storage environments. This technology allows to substantially lessen storage requirements and utilize any storage in a more efficient way. Data Deduplication ensures that only unique data fragments are saved to disk and makes it possible to avoid redundancy of data saved in storage.

Six reasons to use StarWind Data Deduplication:

  • Reduction of storage requirements
  • Saving disk space
  • Improvement of bandwidth efficiency
  • Absence of data redundancy
  • Fast processing of data
  • Possibility to define size of data blocks

Backup Deduplication Technology

StarWind Deduplication is performed in-line which means that the data is analyzed and compared with index signatures when it comes in to target. In-line Data Deduplication determines redundant information "on the fly" which is highly beneficial for its users, because it greatly reduces both space required for storing and time consumed for transfer and write of backups.
StarWind provides block level deduplication: every file is split into multiple block-sequences of fixed or variable length. After changes have been made to a file, the system stores only its modified fragments. In average, block deduplication ensures the deduplication rate at the level of 20:1.

StarWind Data Deduplication has a powerful and flexible engine that allows to define size of blocks that will be taken for analysis. It is set according to the needs of a user and depends on the environment in which this technology is used. A larger block size requires fewer resources, but sometimes provides less compression. A smaller one provides better compression, but requires more resources.

StarWind Deduplication engine performs data cashing on SSD and RAM, thus substantially increasing running speeds and processing data blocks rapidly and effectively.

Since backups usually contain continuously repeating information, every next version of backup does not differ greatly from the previous one. The repeated data burdens the storage, creating redundancy and causing inefficient use of storage resources. Deduplication technology ensures that only one copy of data is stored on storage, the duplicates being replaced by the references to them.

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