Get Software-Defined Storage, true ProActive Support and Hybrid Cloud in a single solution – StarWind Virtual SAN

January 11, 2018

StarWind is a virtualization pioneer focused on delivering Software-Defined Storage solutions, HyperConverged and Storage Appliances designed to build high-performing, flexible and resilient IT infrastructures for SMB and Enterprise ROBO.

Throughout 2017, we have added several significant features to StarWind Virtual SAN, which take the solution’s functionality to an entirely new level.

StarWind Virtual SAN is a complete Software-Defined Storage solution delivering high-performing and fault-tolerant storage for VMs and applications. It eliminates the need for physical shared storage by “mirroring” internal hard disks and flash between the servers. What is more, the solution significantly reduces both CAPEX and OPEX since it works on commercial off-the-shelf components. Therefore, StarWind Virtual SAN has become the first full-fledged SDS solution suitable for both SMB and ROBO. It is also the SDS stack for StarWind HyperConverged Appliance – a turnkey virtualization infrastructure building block which unites servers, storage, networking, backup, management and your hypervisor of choice (vSphere, Hyper-V, and KVM coming soon) into a single scalable and manageable layer.

To ensure an unprecedented uptime and availability for customers’ applications and services, StarWind has provided its Virtual SAN with an additional support option – StarWind ProActive Support. We realize the importance of strict SLA requirements. ProActive support combines proprietary analytics and real-time Health Monitoring Service. Its advanced AI analytics engine predicts failure patterns and allows issues to be resolved preventively. This way StarWind Virtual SAN copes even with the strictest SLA requirements. StarWind ProActive Support ultimately allows system administrators to focus on innovation instead of constantly monitoring their IT environment.

In order to provide SMB and ROBO companies with a true hybrid cloud solution, we have extended StarWind Virtual SAN functionality with a new feature – StarWind Hybrid Cloud. Why? Because there are pitfalls in existing hybrid cloud solutions. First of all, they require deploying an entirely new hardware configuration, set it up from scratch and then, adapt to new management. This results in spending significant time, efforts, and costs just to start using the hybrid cloud. Furthermore, none of the existing solutions provide high availability for VMs and applications since there is no ability to live migrate them between on-premises and public cloud.

Therefore, to make the route to a public cloud easier, we’ve designed StarWind Hybrid Cloud. It combines a Hyper-V ecosystem on top of the existing servers on-premises with Azure. It provides convenient management tools like as StarWind Manager, Hyper-V, and SCVMM. As usual, StarWind distributes highly available shared storage, but now, it also replicates data between locations. Delivering active-active storage, StarWind provides Disaster Recovery site in a public cloud to meet the required RTO and RPO. As a result, StarWind Hybrid Cloud provides deployment and management simplicity, cost-efficiency, and security for your data.

Important notice: During the development process, the feature name was changed from StarWind ProActive Support to StarWind ProActive Premium Support. Please, take into consideration that the old name remained in the video materials.