StarWind Virtual SAN® ODX (Off-loaded Data Transfer) Configuration and Performance Tuning Guide

Published: April 2015

This document contains a guide for configuration and performance tuning of StarWind Virtual SAN® ODX (Off-loaded Data Transfer). It is intended for experienced StarWind users and Microsoft administrators who want to decrease the workload caused on the network by using ODX. It reveals how exactly one can check if ODX is working properly and how productive it is.

ODX (Offloaded Data Transfers) is a feature that allows speeding up certain copy and move operations by allowing them to be performed on the storage, instead of running it between the client and storage through the network. The servers only send each other corresponding commands and service info, while data exchange is performed between storages themselves. As a result, creation and copying of data happens much faster without serious channel load, which is especially good for slower networks. ODX is supported on Windows 8/2012 and higher.

ODX support allows StarWind to offload multiple routine storage operations from Hyper-V hosts to the storage array itself. Thus, these operations are carried out much faster and with no impact on the hypervisor operation.

The guide consists of the following steps for checking if ODX really works:

  1. Create ImageFile device in StarWind.
  2. Connect the device on client through iSCSI Initiator.
  3. Using Disk Management, initialize and format the disk.
  4. ODX is turned on by changing registry key.
  5. Creating a vhdx file on the disk
  6. Comparing channel workload
StarWind Virtual SAN® ODX (Off-loaded Data Transfer) Configuration and Performance Tuning Guide

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