StarWind Virtual SAN goes Linux

August 2, 2018

[Middleton, MA, July 31] StarWind, a leading provider of hyperconverged infrastructure, high performance storage and backup solutions presents an extension to its core product - Virtual SAN – Virtual SAN for vSphere. Organizations relying on vSphere can now leverage benefits of the 5-nine uptime and unbeatable performance with a Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution, packaged specifically for their hypervisor. VSAN offers 2 deployment scenarios with same enterprise-grade feature set but are now more tailored for the specific hypervisors.

Virtual SAN for vSphere aims at SMB & ROBO vSphere deployments with one essential license offering unrestricted CPU sockets, features, and capacity. On top, additional OS licenses aren’t needed - VSAN for vSphere is a Linux VM

Virtual SAN for Hyper-V has the same comprehensive per-node licenses, with 2 options added for small-scale deployments. VSAN for Hyper-V is a native Windows application operating in Hyper-V parent partition, alongside the management stack.

Virtual SAN Free remains free! For those, who haven’t heard of it before: VSAN Free is an SDS stack with unrestricted features, unlimited capacity, and unrestricted production use. It is great for PoC, test and development, or even production for organizations who have sufficient expertise to run it in community-supported mode.

About StarWind

StarWind is a virtualization pioneer focused on delivering Software-Defined Storage and HyperConverged Infrastructure solutions designed to build high-performing, flexible, and resilient IT infrastructures for SMB and ROBO. Founded in 2009, StarWind has spread remarkably over the globe and helped to build virtualization infrastructures for over 140,000 free users and more than 4,000 paying customers around the world.