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Published: May 2017
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The fast development of data storage and distribution technologies along with the emergence of new hyperconverged solutions provides customers with a wide range of products in different price categories allowing them to choose the solution that fits their needs best. As for now, the most popular software-defined shared storage solutions are Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, VMware vSAN, and Ceph.

Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct extends the software-defined storage stack in Windows Server allowing to build highly-available hyperconverged or disaggregated systems on local storage. However, its management options are limited since the graphical user interface of Windows File and Storage Services role partially covers the S2D configuration and maintenance process, leaving advanced configuration options to be managed with the command-line shell.

Ceph is a distributed object storage solution based on the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store technology and scales horizontally up to exabyte level. Although Ceph was initially developed as a self-managed system requiring minimal intervention after configuring the cluster, the process of deploying and setting up all Ceph components remains complicated.

StarWind Manager has been initially designed to solve these problems by providing users with a unified interface for deploying, managing and configuring S2D and Ceph-based clusters. Additionally, the software can collect the in-depth performance and health data from the local infrastructure using a web-based dashboard, which simplifies the daily work of system administrators.

StarWind Manager Agents work together with StarWind Service, Windows Failover Cluster, Windows Health Service or Ceph Cluster, monitoring system status and health and notifying about critical events, hardware malfunctions or insufficient resources.

StarWind Manager is adaptive and flexible solution providing every user with the ability to adjust the interface, reconfigure existing plug-ins or create new and unique extensions to ensure conformity with specific aspects of the local IT infrastructure.

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