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StarWind presents an infinitely scalable and ultimately resilient storage solution for enterprise - StarWind Fractal SAN


StarWind, a leading provider of high-performing and flexible storage solutions, presents its Enterprise Storage Appliance - StarWind Fractal SAN. It is an infinitely scalable and extremely “green” enterprise storage platform based on industry-proven Ceph back-end running on ARM hardware and powered by StarWind Virtual SAN.

StarWind Fractal SAN helps enterprises to meet their needs in storing constantly growing amounts of data without extreme storage scaling and maintenance expenses. It delivers ultimate resiliency and linear scalability beyond petabytes as it’s based on Ceph cluster as a storage back-end. StarWind Fractal SAN achieves ultimate power and cost efficiency by utilizing hundreds of independent, low-power ARM-based storage blades we call “bricks”.

“We are glad to provide the market with a first-of-its-kind solution for enterprises, which delivers unprecedented storage scalability, resiliency and cost efficiency. Businesses can cut their storage costs more than 10 times by leveraging ARM infrastructure in storage. This truly disrupts the existing foundations in the storage market and the way companies store their data” – said Anton Kolomyeytsev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, StarWind.

Key benefits of StarWind Fractal SAN:

The solution provides an unprecedented petabyte-level scalability being based on the industry-proven Ceph cluster as a storage back-end.

Reduces scaling and operational expenses with 10x lower infrastructure, cooling, and power costs through the extensive use of low-power ARM hardware.

The system ensures an uncompromised resiliency to multiple simultaneous component failures by utilizing erasure coding and automatic data rebalancing technologies, while the constantly high level of performance is provided by StarWind Virtual SAN.

About StarWind

StarWind is a pioneer of storage virtualization and availability markets, focused on delivering innovative solutions designed to build high-performing, flexible, and resilient IT infrastructures with a high level of cost efficiency.

Founded in 2009, StarWind currently has more than 160,000 customers worldwide. StarWind global headquarters is in Middleton, Massachusetts with offices throughout the world. To learn more, visit