Tipton Community School Corporation built a rock-solid backup environment with StarWind VSAN

Published: June 6, 2018

We picked StarWind because it was very cost effective and proved to do a great job of backing up our systems. It’s been great at being able to back up our data to an offsite location.

Brian Witherow, IT Director


The company was looking for a cost-effective solution for maintaining off-site backups. NetVault Backup which was used prior to StarWind Virtual SAN deployment could not provide that option.


StarWind Virtual SAN enabled the company to store backups off-site in a cost-efficient way. Being both hardware-agnostic and capable of presenting the storage via iSCSI, the solution fitted the company’s needs perfectly within a limited budget. Apart from that, StarWind Virtual SAN streamlined utilization of the existing hardware. This allowed TCSC to squeeze maximum performance out of the existing infrastructure.

About the Company

Being an heir of the founded in 1856 Tipton first free public school, Tipton Community School Corporation (TCSC) provides education allowing young people to be well-rounded members of tomorrow’s society. Now, it comprises one elementary, one middle, and one high school. Corporation’s educational family is dedicated and passionate about meeting the needs of all learners, and their students high-achieving.



Contact Person

Brian Witherow, IT Director