The Psychiatric Hospital in Opava Goes Hyper-Converged with StarWind VSAN

Published: January 30, 2020

I really appreciate the support and supervision of the manufacture during the implementation.

Stanislav Tatoun, IT Manager


The Psychiatric Hospital in Opava, being a governmental facility, has to abide by strict data security regulations while orchestrating its IT infrastructure. Its original environment used to work based off of three physical servers and storage with vSphere as the hypervisor of choice. The hospital undertook the decision to go hyper-converged as it wanted to introduce new information systems. The original decision was to build it using HPE ProLiant servers with internal disc capacity and HPE VSA. However, the hospital’s partner advised to look towards StarWind for a more efficient and flexible solution.


The hospital approached StarWind with the respective inquiry, requiring help in turning its infrastructure hyper-converged. StarWind Virtual SAN was chosen as the appropriate solution for that need. It can be easily integrated into any environment and regardless of the existing commodity hardware. On top of that, StarWind engineers supervise the deployment and integration process, providing the client with any assistance that is necessary. Subsequently, the Psychiatric Hospital in Opava received significantly more storage, in addition to increasing its data security and achieving high availability without having to buy any new hardware components to do that.

Psychiatric Hospital in Opava

About the Company

The Psychiatric Hospital in Opava, Czech Republic, is a governmental medical facility that deals with the entire spectrum of mental illnesses. The hospital provides psychiatric, psychological, and socio-healthcare, conducts scientific research, offers training, and many other activities. It treats over 6,500 patients annually.

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Government medical facility

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Stanislav Tatoun,
IT Manager

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