StarWind Storage Appliance: High Performance and Resiliency

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Oles Borys, Director of Support Department, StarWind

Duration: 55:16

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 30th, 2017

Key points of the webinar:

  • StarWind SA provides extremely fast and easily scalable storage
  • Three models to fit different tasks
  • Fault tolerance with StarWind Virtual SAN
  • RDMA and iSCSI functionality with iSER

StarWind Storage Appliance has been introduced in 2016 and targets companies who already have virtualized infrastructure but need a solution to meet their storage performance and capacity growth requirements.

StarWind SA easily handles high-performance or unpredictable data growth and simply integrates into any environment via support of all industry-standard uplink protocols like iSCSI, ISER, NFS, SMB Direct, VVOLs, and NVMf. The appliance creates extremely fast and easily scalable storage while pre-installed StarWind Virtual SAN brings fault tolerance and high availability. Additionally, the appliance provides data replication to a public cloud like Microsoft Azure to implement an effective Disaster Recovery plan. The solution can scale up by adding individual disks and flash modules or scale out by adding ready controller nodes to meet business requirements.

StarWind SA achieves high performance and reliability at an affordable price using Dell servers, SSD drives from Intel and network gear from Mellanox. In terms of software, it utilizes Microsoft OS and StarWind Virtual SAN as a native Windows application.

StarWind Storage Appliance, among other features, utilizes optimized cache engine for better performance; snapshots and automated storage tiering to achieve 3-2-1 backup rule; deduplication and compression to optimize capacity utilization; asynchronous replication for ensuring the safety of stored data; StarWind log-structured file system to handle big data and virtualization workloads and avoid performance degradation.

StarWind provides full support and serves as a single point of contact for the entire Storage Appliance, so there is no finger pointing from vendor to vendor.

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