StarWind rPerf: Take control over cross-platform RDMA connections with one tool

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PUBLISHED/UPDATED: October 2nd, 2018


Like with any management and control, IT administrators need to have trustworthy real-time information at hand to rely on. Having a reliable connection metrics tool is a must. Searching for the right one, you can sometimes walk a thousand miles in vain – the tool would not support your heterogeneous environment, or it has some restricted functionality. StarWind RDMA Performance Benchmarking Tool (StarWind rPerf) is an all-in-one utility allowing to measure both latency and bandwidth on cross-platform RDMA connections – both Windows and Linux.


Existing solutions can’t measure RDMA link latency in heterogenous OS environments. Typical solutions lack the functionality for RDMA connections measurements between different operating systems, forcing users to install and configure multiple tools and perform segregated narrow focused tests.

Another issue, if you find a decent metrics tool to support Windows-Linux connections, it would provide you with the data either on latency or on bandwidth. For cross-platform RDMA connections, there are still no tools that deliver both latency and bandwidth information.


StarWind rPerf allows measuring the RDMA performance between any OS, including systems with different OS – Windows-Linux, and ensuring that your RDMA network connections are running at their full speed. Thus, administrators obtain a single control panel for their heterogenous environments. Ideally, users benefit from avoiding useless cost, time, and effort wastes to support multiple solutions and get required information from various points.

StarWind rPerf is a single tool to measure both latency and bandwidth between Windows and Linux

Moreover, StarWind rPerf is an all-in-one tool that measures both latency and bandwidth for cross-platform RDMA connections. It is fast and easy to use. One tool provides all the necessary information you require, minimizing your time spent on diagnostics and benchmarks. Few simple commands and you have the job done!


With StarWind rPerf, administrators can measure RDMA connections performance of their heterogeneous IT infrastructure in an easy and quick manner. The solution provides real-time reliable data on both system latency and bandwidth from a centralized point of management.

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