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PUBLISHED/UPDATED: January 18th, 2018


In the modern world where business applications and services must be running 24/7, any downtime may cause severe consequences. Therefore, timely issue resolution is vital to ensure stable business operation. Traditional support systems can’t provide sufficient levels of uptime and usually take significant effort and time to fix problems. What you really need is a support model where you don’t have to participate in the troubleshooting process. This model is StarWind ProActive Premium Support.


Traditional support systems take significant time to resolve an issue. First of all, you may not even know about the problem in your IT infrastructure. You can notice it only when some serious issue occurs or the entire environment goes down. Afterwards, you submit support tickets and wait for vendor’s response which may take a while. All this time you’re staying with some serious issue or even experiencing downtime. And only as soon as the vendor completes all the necessary steps, you will get to the resolution. Why should your business operation be dependent on legacy support models and their inability to timely fix issues?

StarWind ProActive Support 1

Traditional support model takes significant time to resolve an issue


StarWind ProActive Premium Support revolutionizes the way support works by resolving issues before they even appear. StarWind health service identifies the symptoms of any potential issue and informs our support team. In this way, StarWind reaches out the customer with a resolution, not a problem. Such an approach provides an unprecedented uptime for the applications and services and completely eliminates customer involvement in troubleshooting.

StarWind ProActive Support 2

StarWind ProActive Premium Support resolves issues before they actually occur

So, what you ultimately get with StarWind ProActive Premium Support is a true peace of mind since our advanced AI analytics will predict any failure patterns and allow our engineers to fix issues preventively. The time that was previously spent on monitoring and fixing things can now be regained and allocated for innovation and business development.


It’s high time to leave support tickets behind and focus on things that are really important for you: innovation, business development, and your clients. StarWind ProActive Premium Support is what support should be: predicting and resolving problems before they actually occur.

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