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StarWind HCA helped The Sutton Group to achieve higher IT infrastructure performance with less hardware to take care of

Published: September 19, 2018

We opted for all SSD and found that performance was much better. We went from a full rack down to 4 units, so any troubleshooting should be much easier now with less equipment.

Barry Miles, IT Manager


The Sutton Group of Companies IT infrastructure reduced as the amount of stored data was growing. Furthermore, the used SAN setup turned out to be too complicated when it came to troubleshooting performance issues. There also were no more free slots left in the rack, so the company would be running out of the storage shortly unless the solution was found.

In this way, the company was looking for increasing the IT environment performance, simplifying the hardware maintenance, and reducing the space occupied by the hardware.


After a thorough investigation, the company opted for StarWind HCA. In particular, The Sutton Group has picked StarWind HyperConverged Appliance All Flash as that model packs the most powerful compute and high-performing storage.

The solution also enabled to reduce the physical space occupied by hardware. The company went from a full rack down to only 4 units. With less hardware and connections, IT infrastructure management simplified dramatically.

About the Company

The Sutton Group of Companies covers footwear retail, footwear wholesale, import, and distribution. The company emerged in 1956 as Wynsors World of Shoes. Later, as Wynsors was growing, it partnered with other companies: JBI Footwear, K2 Storage, and Limelight Signs. And, that’s actually how The Sutton Group was formed. Currently, Wynsors is a footwear retailer that has more than 40 stores and runs an e-commerce website.

Company Profile

Footwear Retail / Wholesale

Contact Person

Barry Miles, IT Manager