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PUBLISHED/UPDATED: October 7th, 2017


In the modern world, the efficient storage consumption becomes one of the major priorities for all organizations since the amount of data is growing constantly. The problem is that a significant part of the storage space is used for keeping unnecessary data copies. Here, data deduplication technology becomes a perfect solution to this issue. Its main goal is to eliminate redundant data copies and reduce storage overhead, ensuring that only one unique instance of data is retained on a storage media. However, it is necessary to know how much space you’ll be able to free up before running deduplication. That’s exactly when deduplication analysis tools are needed. They allow estimating deduplication ratios for your data and thus, understand if it’ll provide the benefits you are waiting for.


Data deduplication results may not always match your expectations. Moreover, various solutions may provide different outcomes depending on the data type, retention period, and data change rate. Without a clear understanding of the space savings you’ll get, deduplication becomes a shot in the dark. Even though there are different tools for estimating data deduplication ratios, they often require additional efforts from a user. You may need to move the data you want to examine to the dedupe-enabled storage or even order evaluation kits. This complicates the whole process and turns a simple thing into a pile of work.


StarWind Deduplication Analyzer is a free tool which allows estimating how the amount of storage space consumed will be reduced after deduplication. It does this without the need to move terabytes of data to dedupe-enabled storage or ordering test hardware. Furthermore, it allows estimating deduplication ratios for specific data volumes or virtual machines. It is extra simple to work with and requires no additional skills. Just point it at the data you want to analyze, and it will provide you with detailed information.


StarWind Deduplication Analyzer helps users estimate the storage savings they will get after deduplication. The tool provides precise information on deduplication ratios for specific VMs and data volumes in a quick and effortless manner, without the need to order test hardware or move large amounts of data.

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