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Updated: February 20th, 2020


No one disputes the fact that in the modern world, in an era of stable and major improvements in computer technology, optimization greatly simplifies solving complex problems. Organizations build virtualized infrastructures to optimize their business processes, maximize return on investment, create flexible structures, protect data, and ease administrative burdens. Achieving these goals is impossible without effective tools for virtualized IT environment monitoring and management which deliver optimal application performance and ensure the overall success of the environment. StarWind Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass tool that provides the complete visibility of infrastructure state, monitors application performance, predicts and identifies possible pain points.


Have you ever wondered how many multiple user interfaces (UIs) you need to open in order to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure? Let’s count. You need a shared management UI (1), backup monitoring dashboard (2), hypervisor monitoring UI (3), virtual machine (VM) management UI (4), node monitoring dashboard (5), and finally proactive monitoring UI (6).

A system administrator must be literally bouncing between different programs to ensure smooth operation of the IT infrastructure and safety of critical business data. At a minimum, this is a difficult, tedious, inflexible, and time-consuming process because instead of achieving the desired optimization in work of an IT environment, the administrator has to focus on solving everyday pains. As a maximum…

Actually, wait, there can be no negative maximum in such process since the only maximum you should concentrate on is building a highly available (HA) and fault-tolerant (FT) IT infrastructure.



StarWind Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass tool that has a huge amount of functionality and allows you to solve the whole range of tasks on managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure, applications, and services. It integrates the management of all infrastructure components within a single interface. Infrastructure management is carried out through WinRM + PowerShell and doesn’t require introduction of additional agents into the system.

Let’s count again. With only a single console, you can monitor and manage (1) clusters, (2) virtual machines, (3) network interfaces, (4) nodes, (5) storage systems, and (6) backup systems. StarWind Command Center seamlessly integrates with Veeam Backup & Replication providing 1-click backup job monitoring and management. Moreover, StarWind Command Center optionally includes ProActive Premium Support – a revolutionary approach to IT infrastructure monitoring that allows resolving an issue before it becomes major.

StarWind Command Center is designed not only to manage and monitor StarWind products, namely StarWind Hyper-Converged Appliance, StarWind Storage Appliance, StarWind VTL Appliance, and Enterprise Storage Appliance. The portion of StarWind-only management is less than 5%! So, if you don’t have StarWind products, StarWind Command Center fits your existing infrastructure anyway. It is a pre-configured VM deployed from an OVF template that works in Hyper-V, Azure, and VMware vSphere virtualization environments and runs completely agentless.

StarWind Command Center has the most expanded and most customizable UI ever. Users can monitor up to 100 different parameters of each managed entity with intelligent sorting and filtering capabilities. The service consists of a kernel and set of plug-ins, and thus it’s very flexible. It allows you to extend the functionality easily and conduct unit testing. In addition, StarWind Command Center is a hypervisor-agnostic HTML5-based tool, so you can monitor and manage the IT infrastructure in real time from any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You don’t concentrate on your everyday pains – you just save your time and rest. With StarWind Command Center, 80% of all tasks are performed in 20% of the time. StarWind Command Center as a lightweight but extremely effective assistant helps you to build a highly available and fault tolerant IT environment.
StarWind HyperConverged Appliance is a turnkey hyper-converged hardware platform fitted into a small two-node footprint. You don’t need anything else to build a budget-friendly new IT infrastructure or upgrade an existing one. All your systems will be “babysitted” by StarWind 24/7/365, troubleshooting any concerns without your involvement. Everything’s operated through a neat web UI. We’ll also migrate your workloads at no extra cost.
Dramatically decrease your CapEx, OpEx, and IT management costs, while visibly increasing return on investment (ROI) with hyperconvergence for ROBO, SMB & Edge from StarWind. Hyperconverged Appliance from StarWind HCA Datasheet


StarWind Command Center is the single tool for managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure; no matter whether you have StarWind products or not. With the modular and friendly UI, you complete 80% of your daily tasks in 20% of the time. Servers, hypervisor, virtual machines, and backups are managed from one multitenant platform. Using StarWind Command Center, you’ll have time to build a maximally reliable and efficient IT environment, without being distracted by multiple UIs.

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