Seneca Family of Agencies reduces IT operational expenses by replacing its aging servers with StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA)

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: September 8th, 2022

With StarWind, we’re able to run all our VMs off two nodes
with very reliable high availability and excellent performance.
The current infrastructure works great.

Network & Computer Systems Administrator


Before implementing StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA), Seneca Family of Agencies was using a combination of dated VMware hosts and a Hyper-V cluster for its virtual environment. The renewal of the VMware cluster was expensive, so the organization was looking to expand its virtual environment. Seneca Family of Agencies decided to move to Hyper-V as a solution since it was already primarily Windows-based. However, a Hyper-V cluster newly configured often had bad performance: the process of moving virtual machines (VMs) from one host to another was very slow. Besides, an IT infrastructure was limited by storage issues and extensive patching times which often needed to be completed off-hours as the cluster did not have enough resources to handle all the VMs at once. To resolve its problems, Seneca Family of Agencies decided to adopt hyperconvergence.


Seneca Family of Agencies has chosen StarWind HCA because of the competitive pricing and offerings that were presented. StarWind also provided helpful and fast support in HCA implementation and gave the organization the ability to run high availability (HA) with only two nodes. Since then, Seneca Family of Agencies expanded to a third node for extra resources due to its ever-increasing infrastructure. The organization no longer needs to worry about its VMs not being able to migrate across the nodes. The performance that the new cluster provides is miles beyond what Seneca Family of Agencies had before. Now, patching on the cluster can be done during business hours rather than needing to take down critical servers for routine maintenance. The organization is in awe of how quickly it could migrate across hosts and the amount of storage that it has means it can continue to expand as needed without worrying about space limitations.

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Seneca Family of Agencies (formerly Seneca Center) was founded in 1985 as a small Bay Area residential and day treatment program to help children and families through the most difficult times of their lives. Since then, Seneca has expanded to provide a broad continuum of permanency, mental health, education, and juvenile justice services, which today reach over 18,000 youth and families throughout California and Washington State each year.

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