Prime Advisors built a flexible and simple IT infrastructure with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: October 22, 2018

Now, I have a highly available environment, with reduced costs, and ultimate flexibility to align my environment to changing business needs

Elvis Palombizio, IT Manager


Prime Advisors, Inc. decided to add some more capacity to its existing SAN-based storage system. And, Prime was looking for the shared storage provider for that purpose. The company required a simple hardware-agnostic solution capable of being deployed in the compute and storage separated scenario.


StarWind VSAN was chosen as it can be run on the off-the-shelf hardware. So, Prime Advisors did not have to change the existing environment and stick to the particular hardware vendor. Thanks to the solution, Prime now can just add some more storage or compute resource whenever it needs and quickly align its IT infrastructure to the changing business needs.

Also, StarWind Virtual SAN delivers the highly-available storage allowing Prime to run its production even with having a node down for maintenance.

About the Company

Prime Advisors Inc. provides investment-related services and develops customized asset management strategies that perfectly fit its customers’ individual needs. Being in investment consulting since 1988, Prime has gained an understanding of how to maximize insurance companies’ after-tax yields.

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Investment consulting

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Elvis Palombizio, IT Manager

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