Selux saves around $10,000 in a year on its IT operational expenses (OpEx) by building a hyperconverged infrastructure around StarWind HCA

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: December 8th, 2022

StarWind HCA is a fantastic solution that simply works. It was easy
to deploy, pricing was below the competition, we eliminated single
points of failure, and have redundancies in place now.

Systems Engineer


Before implementing StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA), Selux had individual non-redundant physical servers with Hyper-V on top. The company constantly needed an increasing number of physical servers in order to upgrade its systems which entailed high IT OpEx. Another problem related to multiple single points of failure (SPOF). Selux required a reasonably priced hyperconverged platform to build a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure as the price was a large concern for a smaller company.


By choosing StarWind HCA, Selux no longer needs to buy physical server hardware and worry about SPOF issues. Now it is quick and easy to spin up a new virtual machine (VM) whenever the company requires a new one. Having 2 preconfigured and ready-to-deploy hosts also gave the company the needed redundancy. For Selux it is good knowing that it could lose half of its hardware and still be fully operational. The company plans to do a refresh in the coming years and will definitely be going with StarWind.

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Selux is a New York-based lighting manufacturer with 150 employees. It specializes in complex custom lighting solutions and produces exterior and interior lighting fixtures.

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