Innitec streamlined backup processes without changing IT environment thanks to StarWind Virtual Tape Library

Updated: February 1st, 2019

StarWind has provided us with better management and visibility without changing the existing backup infrastructure.

Jammy Cheng, a company representative


Before StarWind Virtual Tape Library deployment, Innitec was running tape-centric backup environment. The company faced a constantly increasing number of tapes that made its storage extremely inefficient. So, Innitec wanted to streamline and simplify backup environment management without changing it and paying a dime for software licensing and new hardware.


StarWind Virtual Tape Library was chosen because it could streamline Innitec backup environment without changing it. The solution required neither new hardware purchased nor new employees trained. Also, it allowed avoiding expensive software licensing. So, thanks to StarWind Virtual Tape Library, the company was able to save both costs and time for building a better backup environment.

About the Company

Innitec is a Citrix certified authorized distributor that develops technologies and solutions for data protection and better IT infrastructure visibility. Also, the company encourages small and medium enterprises to extend or move their workloads to cloud and provides them with enterprise-grade security.

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Citrix Certified Authorized Distributor

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Jammy Cheng, a company representative