Hamden Hall Country Day School achieves high performance and fault tolerance with the help of StarWind

Published: August 22nd, 2019

Without a doubt, this was the perfect solution for our school. Based on my experience so far, our relationship with StarWind will be long term.

Ryan Madden, IT Operations Manager


The school’s IT environment used to consist of two servers and a SAN with Microsoft Hyper-V on top. The 8-year-old infrastructure was providing them with frankly disappointing performance, the additional problem being slow online backups, sometimes taking 24 hours to complete. Unnecessary to mention the factor of a single point of failure, inherent to SAN systems. Eventually, Hamden Hall Country Day School started to look for replacing their equipment, but more redundant and reliable architecture turned out to be too pricey, which pushed them to search for an alternative.


A hyperconverged solution seemed like a perfect alternative from the very beginning. StarWind became the primary choice due to offering a great turnkey solution for an affordable cost. That combine two greatest virtues Hamden Hall Country Day School was looking for: fitting their budget and meeting their requirements. With the excellent help of StarWind support, a precise analysis of the school’s infrastructure determined what will be the best for Hamden Hall Country Day School. As a result, 2-node HCA system enabled the school with flawless performance, zero downtime, and fault tolerance. Their previous IT environment did not stand comparison even remotely close.

Hamden Hall Country Day School

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Hamden Hall Country Day School is an independent American day school that serves more than 500 students. It has been a nurturing and inclusive community that promotes academic excellence since 1912.

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Ryan Madden,
IT Operations Manager